You will love your beauty products twice as much when you see twice the results by adding PEMF with MagnaWave to your skin care regiment or home-spa treatments. I applied a skin detoxifying and firming wrap during my diastasis recti research this past week with phenomenal results! Noting nearly twice the skin tightening I would normally see with this particular product! I was so excited by those results; I couldn’t wait to try PEMF on my face with my night-time eye cream, facial moisturizer and wrinkle repair. Upon waking the next morning, I was astonished by those results too! For years, I’ve been plagued by tiny white bumps on my chin, and after just the one treatment, nearly half the white-heads had vanished! The pulsed electro- magnetic field provided by the MagnaWave improves all cellular functions, boosts collagen production, improves blood oxygenation and flow. An article in the National Institute of Health website states that in the cosmetic medicine industry, PEMF is being used to significantly increase production of collagen fibers by dermal fibroblasts.

PEMF increases neovascularity and collagen neosynthesis, proliferates fibroblasts, prevents denaturization of existing collagen, and contracts the elastin fibers ( Through the pulsating, PEMF provides a deeper penetration of your favorite skin care, beauty products, and home-spa applications, helping them to truly deliver upon their promises. Or perhaps more accurately, PEMF provides the energy your cells need to perform optimally and utilize the nurturing benefits of your products more effectively. I’m sure you will notice rapidly increased results just as I have! Anywhere near Denver? Contact us to schedule your MagnaWave PEMF treatment and/or Wellness Consultation today. We can add a PEMF treatment to any part of your beauty routine or home-spa application.